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As I mentioned, I could use your help since I can’t keep calling my new book The New Book.

I’ve come up with two “styles” of titles: alliterative ones and pun-tastic ones with some examples of each in the images below. But before you go jumping to any rash decisions…

Here’s the scoop:

  • Series title: The Circus of Unusual Creatures
  • Genre: paranormal cozy mystery/humorous fantasy
  • Main character: Duncan the dragon
  • Tone: humorous, light-hearted
  • Main setting: The stories take place in/around a circus filled with mythological creatures such as centaurs, brownies, dwarves, cyclops, etc.

So now that you’re in the know, please scroll down to see the two title styles, plus some sample titles from each, then vote in the poll just below the images.

This decision is driving me bonkers so please share your thoughts!!!


PS – don’t forget to keep scrolling past the poll for your thank you gift : )

The Two Choices Are…


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Sorry for the extra link. I had an embedded poll, but it stopped working. While I argue with the folks at WordPress, the Google Form above should do the trick.


Free Bird!

No, don’t worry, I’m not trying to get rid of an unwanted pet. Instead, it’s a thank you gift for taking the time to take the poll.

“The Heron” is a moody little tale that re-imagines the myth of the Crane Wife.

This story nabbed a second place prize back in the day (I think I wrote it in 2014-ish), and I hope you enjoy it!

Just click the cover, then follow the simple instructions to get your copy. 

A Tale of Greed and Devotion