Finn is a wooly monster (aka “Beastie”) who travelled all the way from Dublin, Ireland, to come live in Portland, Oregon. His creator over at Crawcrafts Beasties clacks away with her knitting needles in the hopes of populating the world with monsters (in the end, it will be a race between Beasties and A.I. for world domination, mark my word).

Handknit from real Irish wool straight from the sheep (sort of), Finn enjoys traveling, drinking (but not paying for) beer, being pampered (he has gotten to be such a diva!), meeting wild animals (okay, friendly cats and dogs, but when you’re only 5 inches tall everything seems daunting), getting into mischief, and (most of all) books. As you will see, he is very attached to his own Beastie version of Joyce’s lesser known work, Spin-agan’s Wake.

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