If you’re curious about where to find my books, this page should satisfy that curiosity…and possibly give you more information than you bargained for!

First and foremost….

If you would like to read my work for free, you only need to put in a request for my books to your local library (be sure to let the staff know my ebooks can be found on Overdrive, Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca, and many other library suppliers).

This is also a great way to give a boost to any indie author and help them get the word out about their books!!

Shop Directly from Me…

The second best way to support my work, to find titles you can’t get anywhere else, and to get the warm, fuzzy feeling of keeping your money out of the pockets of corporate bigwigs, then I encourage you to browse the aisles of my Payhip Bookstore

Easy Shopping Links…

The easiest and most efficient way to find my books, is to head to this handy dandy page that lists (almost) all my books in one place. By clicking on the covers on that page, you can see the book’s description, discover where it’s available, and get the most current sales price.

The second easiest, although slightly less efficient way to find ALL my books is to click the titles on the book pages on this website(under the menu item Books). These links will provide you the shopping options in your region, no matter where you live.

Online Retailer Links

You can also find most of my books at most major online retailers and subscription services around the world. Here’s a small selection of retailers…

Note: Not all my titles are available at all retailers. If you’re looking for the full collection, the best place to find them is at my Payhip Bookstore.

If you’re a “real book” fan, you’ll find print versions of my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca, FNAC, Waterstones, and more (including your local bookstore – just ask for the book by name or contact me for more info). Amazon also carries hardbacks of some of my titles.


Header Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay