The Great Escape: 15 Tales of Humor, Myth & Magic

Peculiar pet shops

Troublesome dream homes

And robot vacuums that just want to be free

COMING July 2023!!!

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Looking for a captivating (and quick) escape from reality? These fifteen tales of myth, magic, and whimsy provide just that.

Amongst the award-winning words are stories of vacations gone enchantingly wrong, questionable business practices, worrying parental habits, misbehaving reptiles, and Norse gods in a bit of a bind.

This is the second short story collection by Tammie Painter – author of the humor-filled Cassie Black Trilogy and The Circus of Unusual Creatures Mysteries. It begins with a brief introduction telling how these stories led to the creation of those fan favorite series. The author then begins each tale with a few words to share the twists and turns of inspiration. 

The fifteen stories range from dark (but not too dark) fantasy to beguiling magical realism to laugh-out-loud silliness. 

Some stories have a little violence (nothing gruesome) and mild cursing, but no “on-screen” hanky panky (a giant does have some off-screen fun, but I’ll leave you to discover that one).

The stories include….

  • The Great Escape 
  • Grave Bargains 
  • Buttercup: Queen of Death 
  • The Drive-Thru Window 
  • Testing the Waters 
  • The Back Room 
  • The Liar of Lilløya 
  • Space Walk 
  • Moonlight Cruise 
  • The Ghost of Arlen Hall 
  • A Case of Mamma’s Love 
  • Dragon Trouble 
  • The Secret Eater 
  • A Feast for Sight 
  • Champ 

What readers have to say about some of the stories in The Great Escape….

About The Great Escape (story)

“Hilarious, absolutely hilarious!… I laughed in the first few pages, and I continued to laugh through the rest of the story too. My sides still hurt!” –Jonathan Pongratz, author of Reaper

About The Ghost of Arlen Hall…

“The chills and the mystery really kept me going, and I loved that ending! Definitely worth a read if you’re in the mood for a haunting!” —Jaunts & Haunts Book Review

About Testing the Waters….

“The writing is crisp, and I love the way the relationships between the townsfolk are portrayed. It’s even more fun once you figure you out what’s really going on.” —Ruined Chapel Book Review

About The Drive-Thru Window…

“I loved the end result of this story, and I was hanging on the edge of my seat the entire time.” —Jaunts & Haunts Book Review

About SpaceWalk

“I gave this short story five stellar stars!…a great story through and through.” —Goodreads Review

The Great Escape is hitting the shelves July 2023. You can pre-order your copy today at select online retailers.