Behind the Book: A Really Dysfunctional Family

Hello Bloglandia! Remember the holidays? Remember groaning over your slightly-dysfunctional, sappy-nutty family? Well, your family is going to seem like the Waltons after you get done with this Behind the Book feature. This time we're exploring the story of Rhea and Kronos, which includes playing favorites, parent-child rivalries, cannibalism, and a bit of ancient abdominal … Continue reading Behind the Book: A Really Dysfunctional Family

Another Round of Osteria Humor

Hello Blogland! Although I have been up to my neck with writing work and next week I'll have some VERY exciting news to share with you, this week I simply can't squeeze anything out of my head to share with you. Instead, I've done some deep research (okay, it was ten minutes on Google) to … Continue reading Another Round of Osteria Humor

The Quick and Dirty (and Funny) Blog Post

With the proofing and editing of The Bonds of Osteria, the editing and rewriting of a new book series, creating some ad copy, and writing an article for Horticulture magazine, this week I'm absolutely drowning in work. As such, I'm wimping out and doing a quick and dirty (and hopefully funny) post for this Wednesday's … Continue reading The Quick and Dirty (and Funny) Blog Post