A Friday Smile – Part 7

Ladies...you know that feeling that someone creepy is eyeing you when you're out for a run, and you try to tell yourself you're just being paranoid? Well, that feeling is real....and here's the proof from my run this morning! First, I sense him lurking behind some shrubbery... Then, he gives up hiding and reveals himself. … Continue reading A Friday Smile – Part 7

Waxing Nostalgic Over the Series Finale

Hello Bloglandia! So, as I mentioned yesterday, the final installment of my historical fantasy series, The Osteria Chronicles, hit the shelves this week and I can't believe this is really the end! And now I'm going to steal a page from the TV playbook and get a little nostalgic by taking a look back at the … Continue reading Waxing Nostalgic Over the Series Finale

How Does It All End?

Holy Zeus Everyone, It's Release Day for the final book in my historical fantasy series in which I bring the gods, myths, and heroes of Ancient Greece to life as you've never seen them before!!! I'll wax a little nostalgic about finally reaching the end of this series tomorrow, but for now, let's just get … Continue reading How Does It All End?

Behind the Book: The Trojan War

Hello Bloglandia, In all the madness of doing the rewrite for a new trilogy, putting up with a pandemic, and keeping a monster out of my garden, I've completely forgotten about my upcoming book launch this month and doing any Behind the Book features for the novel I released back in March. Oops. Anyway, to … Continue reading Behind the Book: The Trojan War

My Birthday Gift to You…Take 60% off My Books!!

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Okay, my birthday isn't until tomorrow, but since I can't go out for any birthday fun, I thought the next best thing would be to celebrate with you. So, grab your slices imaginary birthday cake (since we can't find flour or eggs on the shelves these days), and let's get on … Continue reading My Birthday Gift to You…Take 60% off My Books!!