All Hail the Glorious Outline!

This week brought about an excellent opportunity to break out my Happy Dance Shoes and kick up my heels in ecstatic, delirious, over-the-moon-with-elation joy because The Outline is complete. As you may remember, several weeks ago I had to break the sad news that Book Three of my fantasy series will not be published this … Continue reading All Hail the Glorious Outline!

Creative Writing 101 With Kurt Vonnegut

Ever since I decided to read Breakfast of Champions in high school literature class instead of whatever¬†bland tome¬†the teacher had assigned, I have loved reading anything by Kurt Vonnegut. (By the way, the teacher, a Vonnegut fan himself, let me get away with - and even encouraged - my little protest.) From Slaughterhouse Five to … Continue reading Creative Writing 101 With Kurt Vonnegut

Papa’s Writing Advice

I hadn't planned on doing much of a writing post for this week's Writing Wednesday, but sometimes the blog gods play nice and toss me a bit of blog-o-rific inspiration to share with you. And that little doggy bone of inspiration showed up in the pages of Hemingway as I was doing a bit of … Continue reading Papa’s Writing Advice

The Forgotten Query That Must Be Remembered

No, that's not the title of a new fantasy novel, although it does have a nice Lord-of-the-Rings-You-Shall-Not-Pass ring to it. Instead, the Forgotten Query That Must Be Remembered was my most recent writing dilemma and one I hope to never have again. The Backstory Last March I was asked to do a presentation on my … Continue reading The Forgotten Query That Must Be Remembered

6 SEO Tips for the SEOblivious Blogger

While I really enjoy my gadgets, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge techie. I can sort out a little HTML coding to create a link or add a Paypal button, and I often get the privilege of having a computer handed over to me as my husband says, "What am I … Continue reading 6 SEO Tips for the SEOblivious Blogger