Whose Novel Just Won A Prize?

MINE! Thursday, in between proofreading sessions on The Battle of Ares (Book Five of the Osteria Chronicles), I checked my inbox and found an email vaguely titled "Contest". So, of course, I immediately think it's spam. Luckily, I can preview the first couple lines of my emails and noticed this one read: Congratulations from SMK … Continue reading Whose Novel Just Won A Prize?

Writing My Way Through 2020

Hello Bloglandia!! After delving into my 2019 successes and failures in last week's post "Did I Win 2019?" it's finally time to get out the crystal ball and gaze into what my writing world holds for 2020. Oh, and in case you missed it, be sure to check out "My Top Rated Reads of 2019." But enough … Continue reading Writing My Way Through 2020

Where to Go from Here?

So now that The Bonds of Osteria has been unleashed upon the world and I had a wee bit of a success (relatively speaking) with the launch, I'm left wondering where to go from here. Plus, given that we're now halfway through 2018, it seems like a perfect time to re-evaluate what in the world … Continue reading Where to Go from Here?

Falling Out of Love (with your novel)

Writing a book - fiction or non - takes dedication, commitment, time, and plenty of hard work. In essence, it's a relationship and like any relationship, the love you bear for your book can flounder. Early Days After wooing an idea into our heads and courting an outline, it's time for the heart-pounding excitement and … Continue reading Falling Out of Love (with your novel)

List Lesson: 9 Questions to Annoy a Writer

As a writer, I'm desperate for attention. I think the proper term for this is "marketing," but the less technical term is "LOOK AT ME!" In addition to (finally) making a Facebook page, one of the ways to garner myself some more attention is to blog more frequently. And a wonderful way to feel connected … Continue reading List Lesson: 9 Questions to Annoy a Writer