The Funny Side of Writing Fight Scenes

If you’ve read any of the books in my Osteria Chronicles series or some of the parts of Domna, you may have noticed several pages are filled with action-packed fighting. Whether it’s Hercules cousin, Iolalus, battling a hydra or Theseus going toe to toe with the minotaur, my fight scenes have (hopefully) provided you as … Continue reading The Funny Side of Writing Fight Scenes

Read Your Way to Better Writing

What do writers like to do most of all? Okay, besides dream of red wine (or other tipple) coming directly from the faucet tap. It's reading! Writers LOVE (or should love) to read. And the best part about this love is that, unlike the possibility of ever-flowing wine, reading will help you be a better … Continue reading Read Your Way to Better Writing

All Hail the Glorious Outline!

This week brought about an excellent opportunity to break out my Happy Dance Shoes and kick up my heels in ecstatic, delirious, over-the-moon-with-elation joy because The Outline is complete. As you may remember, several weeks ago I had to break the sad news that Book Three of my fantasy series will not be published this … Continue reading All Hail the Glorious Outline!

Creative Writing 101 With Kurt Vonnegut

Ever since I decided to read Breakfast of Champions in high school literature class instead of whatever bland tome the teacher had assigned, I have loved reading anything by Kurt Vonnegut. (By the way, the teacher, a Vonnegut fan himself, let me get away with - and even encouraged - my little protest.) From Slaughterhouse Five to … Continue reading Creative Writing 101 With Kurt Vonnegut

Papa’s Writing Advice

I hadn't planned on doing much of a writing post for this week's Writing Wednesday, but sometimes the blog gods play nice and toss me a bit of blog-o-rific inspiration to share with you. And that little doggy bone of inspiration showed up in the pages of Hemingway as I was doing a bit of … Continue reading Papa’s Writing Advice