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The Blogging Conundrum

Once again I'm questioning if blogging is a worthwhile use of my time. Like a bit of technical deja vu, I swear I've been here before, haven't I? Obviously, the last time I went though this I simply kept plugging away at the blog, but as of late, I've been feeling like my stats are … Continue reading The Blogging Conundrum

The Wondrous Website Weveal

Oops, I may have gone too far with my alliteration. But yes, after much frustration, it's time for the reveal of my snazzy website remodel. Now let's be frank here, I know my way around a computer, but trying to get a website to do what I imagine in my head is a far different … Continue reading The Wondrous Website Weveal

6 SEO Tips for the SEOblivious Blogger

While I really enjoy my gadgets, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge techie. I can sort out a little HTML coding to create a link or add a Paypal button, and I often get the privilege of having a computer handed over to me as my husband says, "What am I … Continue reading 6 SEO Tips for the SEOblivious Blogger