Happy Holidays-mas-kah-za

Hello Bloglandia!! Just a quick note to wish you and yours (in no particular order).... Happy Holidays Superb Solstice Kool Kwanza Carefree Christmas Harmonious Hanukkah Gnarly New Year Wondrous Winter Spectacular Summer (to the southern hemispherians out there) And above all, a joyous, jovial, and jubilant jumble of good cheer!!! (Yes, I've been spending too … Continue reading Happy Holidays-mas-kah-za

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Finn McSpool Gallops Into a New Role

As I announced on Wednesday, it’s book release time again and that means the Beasties are offering up a little bit of congratulations once again!! Okay, I’d like to believe Tammie and David Beastie are doing this because they’re eager to support my efforts as an indie writer, but I think it’s more about them … Continue reading Finn McSpool Gallops Into a New Role

Happy Solstice Everyone!!!

It's the solstice and that means today's the day those of us in the northern hemisphere walk around humming, "Here Comes the Sun."  I can't stand being cold so I hate winter, but I do LOVE that the first day of winter means the return of more daylight hours! And, since I do all my art … Continue reading Happy Solstice Everyone!!!

Winter Wonderland Smash Up Derby!

As I mentioned last time, winter has arrived a bit early here in Portland. Luckily, our power is still on (so far), but we had no need of television or Internet to supply our entertainment Wednesday night since just outside our door was a live show of the Winter Wonderland Smash Up Derby. Now. before … Continue reading Winter Wonderland Smash Up Derby!

Freezing Bees!

Yes, Fridays are normally time for me to ramble on about some aspect of writing, but this week I have bees on my mind. Also, I haven't posted about my bees since the spring robbing fiasco so I'm well overdue for a bee post. Winter Isn't Coming, Mr. Stark. It's Here! This week the Portland … Continue reading Freezing Bees!