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Beastie Meets Beasties at the Oregon Zoo

I know I promised a continuation of my tales from Orvieto for today's post, but I thought I'd take a little break from the Italian adventures and share a recent outing that's a little more local. As you know, Finn McSpool recently moved to the U.S. from Ireland (although he's thinking about packing his bags and … Continue reading Beastie Meets Beasties at the Oregon Zoo

Please Help the Not-Quite-Right Giraffe

Sometimes my projects go better than expected (such as my recent colored pencil zebra drawing). Other times, I think a piece is going along splendidly, but somehow in the end the whole thing just ends up being a bit off. Take for example the giraffe drawing/painting I completed last week. The inspiration came from this darling photo by Gary Jones … Continue reading Please Help the Not-Quite-Right Giraffe


Cecil the Lion Matters, But….

Cecil the Lion’s murder was tragic and anyone who thinks it’s good ol’ fun to go out and shoot a creature only to put its head or skin on the wall or floor is beyond my comprehension or compassion. Yes, I’m outraged at the wanton destruction of such a magnificent animal, and yes, I do … Continue reading Cecil the Lion Matters, But….

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I Have Bees….Again!

Hello Everyone! As you'll remember, a couple weeks ago I shared with you the sad tale of the disappearance of my colony of honeybees from my backyard top bar hive. Like some frightening tale of colony collapse disorder, one day the girls were there, the next they were gone. The colony was a strong one without … Continue reading I Have Bees….Again!