A Beastie-Filled Anniversary

The first of October has rolled around again, and while for many people that means it's time to roll out the pumpkins, for Mr Husband and me it means it's time to celebrate getting hitched! That's right, we celebrated our anniversary earlier this week with a little getaway to the Oregon Coast. And of course, … Continue reading A Beastie-Filled Anniversary

My Beastification (Reblog from Crawcrafts Beasties)

Yes, it's a rare two-Saturdays-in-a-row, Beastie-filled post! Finn McSpool is resting after all the book launch mayhem that's been going on this week, but I've pulled myself out of bed to show off the creation of the newest Beasties on the block. Well, I should say Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties has been doing the showing … Continue reading My Beastification (Reblog from Crawcrafts Beasties)

Travel Pic Thursday: Ecola State Park (Oregon) – Anniversary Edition

Today marks the day that my husband has been legally obligated to putĀ up with me for nine years. Yes, nine years ago today we got married and this week's Travel Pic Thursday is dedicated to the setting of our wedding: the sands of Ecola Beach State Park on the Oregon coast. So, let's explore this … Continue reading Travel Pic Thursday: Ecola State Park (Oregon) – Anniversary Edition