Racking Up a New Piece of Work

Portland right now is living up to the old song lyric, “the weather outside is frightful” as a steady batch of snow hits us. This not only means all the little birds are flocking to my feeders (except the hummingbird feeder which is currently inside thawing out), but also means I need to type quickly before we lose power.

So, without wasting any further online time, let’s get started with a quick announcement…

Updated Gallery Pages!!!

One of this month’s Big Chores was to give my website a little tidy up. Not only have I cleaned up some dead links and refreshed a few book summaries, but I have also (finally) updated my gallery pages. YAY!!!! Continue reading


The Secret World of Amazon Author Central

Hello Readers!

As mentioned last week, I’m slowly working my way through the most dreaded of my writing chores: The Web Check. The Web Check involves proofreading, revising and link checking every me-related page across the Interwebs that I have control over. One of the final stops on this horrible journey was my Amazon Author Central page, which got me thinking that there are some secrets that author’s should be aware of when keeping their author pages up to date. So, this blog post is going to delve into a handful of those secrets.

What is Amazon Author Central?

Amazon’s Author Central is a place where you can post your bio, author events, blog feeds, book trailer videos and highlight information about your books. Whenever someone comes across your book on Amazon they can either click on your name to bring up all the fascinating details about your writing world or, in the book description, they can get a more in-depth look at your book. Continue reading

The Dreaded Chore That Must Be Done

Hello Readers,

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while may know I’m no fan of certain chores that are part of the writer’s life. Things such as endless rounds of revision, the never-ending efforts to promote my work, and of course no one enjoys the nit-picky task of record-keeping.

But still, there’s one chore I dread more than any of those, That chore is what I call the Web Check. During the Web Check, I go through every single page on my websites, my book listings and my profile pages and scour them for any inaccuracies. It’s tedious, it steals away writing time, but it is a chore that must be done routinely and is one I recommend every writer do at least once a year.

Why do a Web Check?

Continue reading