We’re From France

Hello Bloglandia!!! It's just a quick "Hello" from me this week. Or should I say, "Bonjour!" Yes, Mr Husband, Finn McSpool, and I are still traipsing through France with only a few more days remaining of our latest adventure. I'll have all the juicy details and horror stories of the trip when I get back, … Continue reading We’re From France

Finn McSpool is Packing His Bags

Hello Bloglandia! I know it's been a while since we've heard from the wee Irish monster, but Finn McSpool is alive and well (meaning, his stuffing hasn't fallen out...often a fatal illness for Beasties). He's so healthy, in fact, that this morning I caught him packing his backpack...even if he still can't quite figure out … Continue reading Finn McSpool is Packing His Bags

A Beastie-Filled Anniversary

The first of October has rolled around again, and while for many people that means it's time to roll out the pumpkins, for Mr Husband and me it means it's time to celebrate getting hitched! That's right, we celebrated our anniversary earlier this week with a little getaway to the Oregon Coast. And of course, … Continue reading A Beastie-Filled Anniversary

Finn McSpool Cries Out for His Mummy

No, Finn McSpool hasn't been turned into a dragon adopted by Hagrid. Instead, he's discovered a trio of mummies. Not in Egypt, but in the heart of Dublin. This is all getting somewhat confusing, so let's get on with our third day in the big city. First, Apologies After the bevy of fabulous photos in … Continue reading Finn McSpool Cries Out for His Mummy

The Books, Beasties, and Bronze Tarts of Dublin

Hey Everyone, Thanks for bearing with the brief blog hiatus last week. Now, on with the show because, as promised a couple weeks ago, it's time for Finn and I to set sail from Inishmore and dart off to Dublin. By the way, you may be wondering how I managed to keep Finn McSpool from … Continue reading The Books, Beasties, and Bronze Tarts of Dublin