Embarrassed and Ashamed

I have so much of my own (good) news to tell you that yesterday at this time I was dithering over what to share with you first. But after the nightmare of an election last night, today is too gloomy a day to do anything but apologize for what the U.S. has done.

I truly, sincerely apologize. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed. I’m fighting back tears for what being ruled by this oversized Oompah Loompah will mean for how the world sees Americans and for what destruction his administration will do to the environment.

Yet again half of us are drowning in frustration that the other candidate won the popular vote, but because of our outdated election system we’ve ended up with an idiotic moron in the White House.

That’s right world, as it stands now, less than half of America actually wants this guy for president, but yet he wins. Yes, there have been disappointing elections in the past, but as Seth MacFarlane tweeted, “this time is different”. Trump is only motivated by money, has no concern for the future of anything but his pocketbook, and is misguided by hate. Continue reading


And the Winners Are…

I feel like I should put on an overpriced gown and roll out the red carpet to announce the top picks in my recent Art Show Polls. But since I’m only rubbing shoulders with my cats and guinea pigs rather than stylish celebrities, I suppose it’s okay that I do this post in my shorts and sweater.

Last weekend I asked all my helpful readers to assist me in making some rather difficult decisions for my upcoming solo exhibition courtesy of the fine folks at the Clackamas County Arts Alliance. I’d like to give a big thanks to the people at CCAA who picked me to be one of the select few in this year’s Artist Exhibit Program and, of course, a huge thanks goes out to those of you who took the time to vote last weekend.

Oh wait, the acceptance speeches usually come AFTER the winners are announced. Oops, we better get on with that portion of the awards program…


This race went back and forth throughout the polling, and in the end the tallies were very close. The two cars that will be driving onto to the gallery walls are “Blue Car” and “Yellow Car.”

 Colored Pencil, vintage car, car art, coloured pencil

 Colored Pencil, vintage car, car art, coloured pencil


After the difficulty of deciding Round #1, my voters had no trouble picking two winners in this round: “Bamboo” (now known as “The Neighbors’ Garden”) and “Gazing Ball.” However, there was a bit of a controversial ruling after the polls had closed…more on that later.

colored pencil art, colored pencil, coloured pencil, drawing, japanese maple, maple leaf, leaves.


Winners of Round #3 – Flower Power

At this point my voters became just as indecisive as me and picked the All of the Above option, but three flowers ended up being too many for the show and one had to be eliminated. So, the flowers that will be sprouting in my show are “Anthurium” (now known as “Conservatory Pink”) and “Red Ginger.”




Again, decision making skills appeared to be falling away and my voters overwhelmingly selected All of the Above. I had really hoped to have all three of the choices in the show – after all, I scrambled last weekend to finish “London Lamps” to have it ready for voting – but I’ll explain why only “On the Rocks” and “Borris” will make it to the gallery walls in just a moment.

 Colored Pencil, coloured pencil

 Colored Pencil, wildlife art, borris oregon zoo, amur leopard, coloured pencil

Voting Controversy! Polling Scandal!

As mentioned above “Fall Leaves” was not a favorite in the polls, but “London Lamps” was. At the time I put up the polls I completely agreed because I’ve always felt “Fall Leaves” was missing something.

However, as I played around yesterday trying to match my artwork to the frames I have on hand (another decision-making horror fest), I had to go against my voters’ decision. “London Lamps” just looked weird in the frame. I can’t explain it (and my husband disagrees with me), but the image looked odd to me in the frames I have.

A bit of panic settled in. I had already sent my artwork info to the show coordinator so she could make labels with titles and prices (don’t get me started on how hard deciding on prices was). And, with less than two weeks before the show, I didn’t have time to make anything new. So, I gave “Fall Leaves” another shot and placed a black mat over it with a black frame.

Holy crap! I had finally found what “Fall Leaves” was missing. Somehow the cropping the mat provided plus the dark framing really made the leaves pop in a way they hadn’t before. Luckily, I was allowed to make the minor change to my label info and “Fall Leaves” (now called “In the Fall”) is heading off to the gallery.


Now What?

After hours on end of cranking out artwork that had to meet a certain style for this show, I’ve taken a break this week from anything to do with art (except for testing out a new pack of colored pencils I received). I have to say, I’m a bit burned out of anything floral, so I may step back from any botanical art for a few weeks.

I’ve got plans for a few colored pencil pieces that are a bit more abstract as well as some reproductions of stained glass art and a few other things that are different from my usual highly realistic work. I’m also going to finally get a chance to play with the watercolor pencils I bought myself for Christmas.

The show starts in only 13 days (exciting!!!). I’ll be sure to post photos of the installation once it’s up. In the meantime, I’ve updated my Artwork pages, so if you need to kill some time, why not head over and give them a peek (and if you see any typos, do let me know!).

Thanks everyone and don’t fall victim to too many pranks today!