Finn Sees Into the Fruity Future

It's another couple weeks that Finn McSpool hasn't gotten out and about. While he's complaining that this is ruining his chances to have the paparazzi chase him down and slap his photo on the cover of a gossip magazine, I have assured him that a BIG adventure is coming his way very soon. Luckily, Beasties … Continue reading Finn Sees Into the Fruity Future

daylily, hemerocallis

Another Stroll Through the Garden

Instead of my usual work time, this Saturday is going to be filled up with cabers, kilts, and clans (NOT of the KKK variety) at the Portland Highland Games. But before I take Finn McSpool to celebrate his Celtic heritage, I thought I'd deliver this most recent tour of my garden to the Blogosphere. First … Continue reading Another Stroll Through the Garden

peony, pink flower

Bloomin’ and Buzzin’, My Garden Beckons

This is one of those rare weeks when I have no new artwork to show you (although I am working on remedying that) and no new art news to share with you (although hopefully next week I'll have something news-y to post). Since I'm completely art-less, I figured I'd get snap happy in the garden … Continue reading Bloomin’ and Buzzin’, My Garden Beckons

Pass the Peas, Please

I know you're all anxiously awaiting to see the results of my experiment with colored pencils on Dura-Lar film, but you'll have to wait one more week because this week's Fine Art Friday takes a spring-y turn with a pile of peas packed prettily onto a piece of paperĀ - try saying that ten times fast! … Continue reading Pass the Peas, Please