Evil Strikes Again in Ireland

Yes, after our brief hiatus to celebrate the spookier side of things and to have a local getaway, Finn is FINALLY continuing on with his last few days of his tour to the land of his birth. Now, in our earlier Ireland adventures, you learned that Evil had thrown a couple wrenches into our time … Continue reading Evil Strikes Again in Ireland

Ireland: Land of Beers, Breakfasts, and Beastie Friends

You'll be glad to know that Finn McSpool has made it safely home after over two weeks of traipsing around the land of his birth. I was ready to jump into all the adventures this wooly monster had in Kilkenny, Cork, the Aran Islands, and Dublin, but Finn insisted on a post to highlight his … Continue reading Ireland: Land of Beers, Breakfasts, and Beastie Friends

london, st james park

London is a Walk in the Park

Since I couldn't convince the Queen to let me shack up in a room in Buckingham Palace, I'm back home from London. That means my only way of pretend I'm back in the big city is to share my trip with you. Even though I have SOOO much to show and tell, I'll try to keep this … Continue reading London is a Walk in the Park

Happy Birthday to Me…Now What?!

That's right, I've made it all the way around the sun yet again (and yes, Bono and I do share the same birthday, which for some reason is a bit of trivia I love to brag about)! As if being another year older isn't depressing enough, my vacation is over and I've returned with no … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me…Now What?!

Welcome to Orvieto!

Before we jump into the next part of The Vacation tale, let me take a moment to do a little self-promoting and to offer my readers an excellent bargain. For today only (26 November 2016) Fine Art America is offering free shipping to ANY destination in the world (even Antarctica!) on ANY product. Yes, even … Continue reading Welcome to Orvieto!