I’m Still Angry…And I Plan to Stay That Way

So, it turns out that the results from Tuesday’s election weren’t just some super-vivid and super-scary nightmare. Damn it. I was really hoping my overactive imagination had gotten the better of me and that I would wake up to a sane world. So much for hope.

Sadly, nope.

Sadly, nope.

I know today’s should be given over to the continuation of The Vacation, but I just can’t. I’m still too angry. I promise I’ll get back to art, travel, writing, and other topics this blog normally focuses on, but bear with me for another political post. After all, my voting voice isn’t being heard (as well as the voices of more than half of Americans) so this is all I’ve got. Continue reading


Embarrassed and Ashamed

I have so much of my own (good) news to tell you that yesterday at this time I was dithering over what to share with you first. But after the nightmare of an election last night, today is too gloomy a day to do anything but apologize for what the U.S. has done.

I truly, sincerely apologize. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed. I’m fighting back tears for what being ruled by this oversized Oompah Loompah will mean for how the world sees Americans and for what destruction his administration will do to the environment.

Yet again half of us are drowning in frustration that the other candidate won the popular vote, but because of our outdated election system we’ve ended up with an idiotic moron in the White House.

That’s right world, as it stands now, less than half of America actually wants this guy for president, but yet he wins. Yes, there have been disappointing elections in the past, but as Seth MacFarlane tweeted, “this time is different”. Trump is only motivated by money, has no concern for the future of anything but his pocketbook, and is misguided by hate. Continue reading

My Cynical Thanksgiving-Eve Greeting

In the U.S. we’re about to celebrate what used to traditionally be harvest time by gathering around a previously frozen turkey that spent its short life jacked up on hormones, antibiotics, and corn (probably in that order), then filling ourselves to bursting with mounds of food drowned under a liter of gravy*.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, so Thanksgiving is kind of fun since I get to make things I don’t normally whip up, and I appreciate the desire to get together with family (as long as no one forgets the wine). I just find it weird that we still celebrate Thanksgiving to the gut-bursting level that we do in modern society.

Given the obesity rates in America and our odd relationship with food (as in the “screw flavor and quality, give me as much as possible, as cheaply as possible, as quickly as possible” relationship), I can’t understand why we still feel the need to gorge ourselves every fourth Thursday in November. Continue reading