The Maze: Book Trailer, Pre-Orders, and More!!

I'm still trying to figure out what that "and more" might be, but let's focus on those first two for now. Yes, after months and months of rambling on about The Maze, the time has finally come for the big pre-launch push including a little book trailer and your chance to pre-order a copy of … Continue reading The Maze: Book Trailer, Pre-Orders, and More!!

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Preparing to Prepare for Launch

So, just in case you hadn't gotten the hint over the past few months, I've got a book coming out soon -- 7 November to be exact, I'll give you a moment to mark your calendars. One of the questions that may have been gnawing at your brains like a ravenous zombie (is there any … Continue reading Preparing to Prepare for Launch

Writing Time Trepidation

Although we're still a couple weeks out from the next Friday the 13th, and Wednesday the 27th just doesn't have an ominous tone to it, I am a little afraid today. I haven't written about it much, but I am still working on The Maze, the third book in my Osteria Chronicles series. I kind … Continue reading Writing Time Trepidation