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The Blogging Conundrum

Once again I'm questioning if blogging is a worthwhile use of my time. Like a bit of technical deja vu, I swear I've been here before, haven't I? Obviously, the last time I went though this I simply kept plugging away at the blog, but as of late, I've been feeling like my stats are … Continue reading The Blogging Conundrum

Book Cover Survey Round Two

Ding ding ding!  Yep, that's the bell to signal Round Two of the Book Cover Challenge is about to begin. The competition was fierce in the first round. Some covers were completely knocked out of the competition, while others seem to be going the distance. Now, the players battling for supremacy in the ring have … Continue reading Book Cover Survey Round Two

Your Vote Matters: Help Me Pick My Next Book Cover

I swear, this next sentence is NOT fake news: I went a little bonkers a few weeks ago and came up with a baseball team's worth of cover designs for my upcoming book, Domna. Now I need your help to decide which one will make the cut. I have a few favorites, but I would … Continue reading Your Vote Matters: Help Me Pick My Next Book Cover

Where to Go from Here?

So now that The Bonds of Osteria has been unleashed upon the world and I had a wee bit of a success (relatively speaking) with the launch, I'm left wondering where to go from here. Plus, given that we're now halfway through 2018, it seems like a perfect time to re-evaluate what in the world … Continue reading Where to Go from Here?

The Marketing Makeover Begins with a Book Cover Survey!

Part of the Book Marketing Makeover I mentioned last week has involved taking a long hard look at the books in my Osteria Chronicles series and accepting that, although the books themselves are well written, the covers and descriptions don't quite cut the proverbial mustard. So, over the past several weeks, I've been studying other … Continue reading The Marketing Makeover Begins with a Book Cover Survey!