Writing the Day Away

Yes!!! I have survived the dreaded head cold and am now so excitedly ripping through my current project, that simply can't bear to take a break. So, I'm going to call this Wednesday a blogging "cheat" day and recycle one of the articles from my most recent newsletter (which you can sign up for HERE … Continue reading Writing the Day Away

Read Your Way to Better Writing

What do writers like to do most of all? Okay, besides dream of red wine (or other tipple) coming directly from the faucet tap. It's reading! Writers LOVE (or should love) to read. And the best part about this love is that, unlike the possibility of ever-flowing wine, reading will help you be a better … Continue reading Read Your Way to Better Writing

Papa’s Writing Advice

I hadn't planned on doing much of a writing post for this week's Writing Wednesday, but sometimes the blog gods play nice and toss me a bit of blog-o-rific inspiration to share with you. And that little doggy bone of inspiration showed up in the pages of Hemingway as I was doing a bit of … Continue reading Papa’s Writing Advice

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Saturday Selections: Mr. Mercedes (novel)

I know, shame on me, it's been quite sometime since I've shared something that tickled my fancy. That's not to say I've been living in a locked cell with no exposure to the outside world (okay, maybe some days), I've just been too busy to blog (in fact, there's been loads of wonderful films and … Continue reading Saturday Selections: Mr. Mercedes (novel)

Saturday Selections: The Tommyknockers (novel)

Like any book lover I have shelves full of books that I have every intention of reading but somehow never get to. One of these shelves is dedicated to my mostly-unread Stephen King novels. I've been reading King since I was a kid (which could explain a lot about the routes my brain takes) and … Continue reading Saturday Selections: The Tommyknockers (novel)