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The Beastie-Filled Signs of Spring

After the late season snow and freezing temperatures that plagued Portland last month, Mother Nature is putting down her foot and giving Old Man Winter the boot (girl power!). That's right, the signs of spring are finally upon us. For some people that means hay fever, for others it means breaking out the spring fashions, … Continue reading The Beastie-Filled Signs of Spring

I’ve Opened a Bookstore!

One of my goals for 2019 was to start selling books directly to my readers, mainly to provide myself a tiny bit of independence from ebook distributors. I had considered starting a Patreon, but it just seemed like a huge time suck to set up and maintain, and adding a "shop" feature to my website … Continue reading I’ve Opened a Bookstore!

Time for Chapter Two of Domna: The Sun God’s Daughter

Well, even though last week's post didn't rocket off the WordPress charts, I've already committed to this plan to share the first part of my upcoming serialized historical fantasy novel,┬áDomna, so I'm back with Chapter Two. I also have some exciting book release news to share with you this week (which you can read HERE), … Continue reading Time for Chapter Two of Domna: The Sun God’s Daughter

Checking Up On Those 2018 Writing Goals

Egad! Is it really the end of January already? Apparently time not only flies when you're having fun, but also when you're hard at work (which kind of makes that saying a bit pointless, if you ask me). It's been a crazy busy month. At times has been a tad overwhelming and the old Doubt … Continue reading Checking Up On Those 2018 Writing Goals

Saturday Selections: Watership Down (novel)

A book about a bunch of bunnies may seem like kid stuff, but Watership Down by Richard Adams is a classic tale of adventure and heroism that you should definitely add to your reading list....even if you've read it before. About the Book Watership Down starts in what seems like an idyllic rabbit setting. Sure … Continue reading Saturday Selections: Watership Down (novel)