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Saturday Selections: Dust and Shadow (novel)

Happy Saturday Everyone! As you may have guessed from a few of my Saturday Selections, I'm slightly addicted to anything Sherlock. After having gobbled my way through all the Conan Doyle stories last year I'm now on the lookout for any books with a Sherlockian angle, even if it's simply got hints of Sherlock influence … Continue reading Saturday Selections: Dust and Shadow (novel)

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Saturday Selections: A Beautiful Blue Death (novel)

Hello Everyone! It's too nice out to be in front of the computer, so let's jump right into this week's Saturday Selection: A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch. About the Book A Beautiful Blue Death is a mystery novel set in Victorian London. Charles Lennox, who burns up his spare time as an amateur … Continue reading Saturday Selections: A Beautiful Blue Death (novel)

Saturday Selections: Moriarty (novel)

Hello Readers! As you may have guessed, I spend a lot of time reading (although not as much time as I would like). Sometimes books come along and, while they may be entertaining, they just don't have what it takes to become one of my recommended┬áSaturday Selections. Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz started out seeming like … Continue reading Saturday Selections: Moriarty (novel)

Grammar: Your Biggest Writing Mistake

One of my favorite scenes (of which there are many) from the television show Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman has Sherlock interrogating a prisoner in a very chilly room in Belarus. Already looking bored and annoyed, Sherlock's frustrations mount as the man he's questioning keeps making grammatical errors. Sherlock lets the first one … Continue reading Grammar: Your Biggest Writing Mistake