domna, paperback, complete

Seeing Into Domna’s Future

Yesterday, as you may know, Domna, Part Four: The Regent's Edict was unleashed upon the world, but prior to the release of this fourth installment of my serialized historical fantasy novel I sat down to do a little number crunching, some head scratching, and a bit of re-evaluation based on all that crunching and scratching. What's … Continue reading Seeing Into Domna’s Future

I’ve Opened a Bookstore!

One of my goals for 2019 was to start selling books directly to my readers, mainly to provide myself a tiny bit of independence from ebook distributors. I had considered starting a Patreon, but it just seemed like a huge time suck to set up and maintain, and adding a "shop" feature to my website … Continue reading I’ve Opened a Bookstore!

The Centaurs are Stampeding in for Domna, Part Three!!

Yep, the hands of the book release clock have swung around yet again, which means it's time for Part Three of Domna! And in this part we finally get to hang out with some centaurs! First off, let me thank everyone who pre-ordered a copy of the book — you helped me more than double … Continue reading The Centaurs are Stampeding in for Domna, Part Three!!

domna, paperback, complete

Paperback Lovers Rejoice!!!

If you've been reading this blog recently and have sat through the recent ebook releases for Domna Part One: The Sun God's Daughter and Part Two: The Solon's Son, you might have been left muttering, "But I'd really prefer a paperback of the whole novel." Or maybe you've been saying, "Gosh, I've really been meaning … Continue reading Paperback Lovers Rejoice!!!

A Change in Plans – Returning to Amazon Exclusivity

So in yesterday's release announcement for Domna, Part Two: The Solon's Son once you got past the flaming chocolate cake, you might have noticed that the only links were for Amazon, whereas Domna, Part One had a long list of links of where it could be found. I know it was just a few weeks … Continue reading A Change in Plans – Returning to Amazon Exclusivity