New Bit of Colored Pencil Art: Gazing Ball

Yay! I’ve added another piece of art to the candidates for inclusion in my upcoming art show. The date for when I have to have everything ready is drawing (haha) close, but it looks like I may squeak everything in by the deadline. But enough introduction. Let’s get to this new bit of colored pencil art.

Gazing Ball Reference photo

Last September, as my loyal readers may know, I went to Seattle with my mom and one of our stops on our whirlwind trip to the Emerald City was the Volunteer Park Conservatory. During my photo snapping, I not only got the picture for my Anthurium piece, but also caught this cool image of a gazing ball surrounded by ferns and coleus.

seattle, volunteer park conservatory, coleus, tropical plants

I loved the arrangement of the fern swooping across the front and the colors of the coleus and knew this had to be drawn. It presented a great challenge and forced me to work in a way I hadn’t tried before. Continue reading

volunteer park conservatory, seattle, washington, greenhouse

Travel Pic Thursday: Volunteer Park Conservatory (Seattle)

As you may recall, before I headed off to Hawaii, I took a quick trip up north to Seattle with my mom where we scaled a water tower and oohed and ahhed over some gorgeous glass art. Another stop in our whirlwind tour of the Emerald City was a peaceful one, although it did stir up some gardening jealousy: the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

About Volunteer Park Conservatory

You already know a little about the history of Volunteer Park (if you’ve forgotten, refresh your memory here). Part of the plans when the park was being designed in 1910 included a conservatory of plants. Within two years, the conservatory was built…minus the more than 3400 panes of glass to fill the framework. Once the glass was popped in and some plants installed, the Victorian-style greenhouse was opened to the public in 1912.

volunteer park conservatory, seattle, washington, greenhouse

So pink!!

Visiting the Conservatory

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Travel Pic Thursday: Chihuly Garden and Glass (Seattle)

As you’ll know from my most recent Saturday Selection, a couple weeks ago my mom and I made a quick getaway to Seattle. After being tempted by pictures in a guide book one of the Must Dos on our itinerary was a visit to the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Admission prices are steep (kind of like everything in Seattle, including the hills!), but the price was well worth all the “oohs” and “ahh.” This is more of a show and tell Travel Pic Thursday, so here you go…

A Quick Tour through the Chihuly Garden and Glass

dale chihuly, seattle, glass art

Glass forest – a striking piece just after the ticket collector.

dale chihuly, seattle, glass art

Dale Chihuly was born in Tacoma, Washington, and earned his first degree at the University of Washington.

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