Throwing Down the Reading Gauntlet

Reading. It should be a means of escape. A way to unwind after a long day of reality. A way to curl up with a tasty beverage and relax. It's not! It's a means to win things and to beat out the competition!!! Well, in the summer anyway. Summer Reading Programs - Bring it On!! … Continue reading Throwing Down the Reading Gauntlet

Making Your Friday Even Better

What could be better than it being Friday? Okay, besides your boss coming up to you and saying, "You know this winning lottery ticket? I think you deserve it." I can't top that, but I do have a whole pile of free books for you. I mean, you're going to need something to read when … Continue reading Making Your Friday Even Better

Domna’s Chapter 13 Brings Unwanted News to Sofia

It's time once again to share the next chapter of Domna, Part One: The Sun God's Daughter. As you'll remember, Chapter 12 left off with a bit of a cliffhanger when Sofia, who is on her way to enter into her arranged marriage to Sirius Verus, was handed a letter from her former lover, Papinias. But … Continue reading Domna’s Chapter 13 Brings Unwanted News to Sofia

Finn Asks, How Many Books Are Enough?

A question that's plagued mathematicians and book lovers for centuries is, "How many books are enough?" As you can see below, Finn McSpool has recently dedicated himself to tackling the calculations necessary to compute the answer we've all been waiting for. The answer that could revolutionize literary equation theory for years to come. -Um, Finn, that … Continue reading Finn Asks, How Many Books Are Enough?

Saturday Selections: The Tommyknockers (novel)

Like any book lover I have shelves full of books that I have every intention of reading but somehow never get to. One of these shelves is dedicated to my mostly-unread Stephen King novels. I've been reading King since I was a kid (which could explain a lot about the routes my brain takes) and … Continue reading Saturday Selections: The Tommyknockers (novel)