Finn McSpool’s Treacherous Trip to Kula Botanical Garden

This week's look back at Finn McSpool's Hawaiian Adventure takes him away from the beautiful beaches and bustling towns of West Maui and whisks him off to the slopes of a volcano in East Maui where he got into a little trouble at the Kula Botanical Gardens. Some Back Story Now, before we start this … Continue reading Finn McSpool’s Treacherous Trip to Kula Botanical Garden

A Hellacious Garden Stroll

Since Finn McSpool is busy with a DIY project that isn't quite ready to show off to the world yet, this week seemed like the perfect time for another garden stroll post. Unfortunately, my garden tour took a side trip into the bowels of hell. Or at least it seemed like a fiery inferno when … Continue reading A Hellacious Garden Stroll

Happy Birthday to Me…Now What?!

That's right, I've made it all the way around the sun yet again (and yes, Bono and I do share the same birthday, which for some reason is a bit of trivia I love to brag about)! As if being another year older isn't depressing enough, my vacation is over and I've returned with no … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me…Now What?!

Two New Bits O’ Botanical Art

Since my garden in winter resembles something that Shrek might crawl out of at any moment, I start suffering from floral color deprivation around mid-January. To alleviate my symptoms I could stick clumps of fake flowers around my yard. Add in a few pink flamingos and I would be the talk of the neighborhood. Or, I … Continue reading Two New Bits O’ Botanical Art

Travel Pic Thursday – Kew Gardens Part Three (UK)

Well, the weather here Portland isn't exactly get-out-in-the-garden weather, but that's no reason to not continue on our virtual garden tour of Kew Gardens situated just a short Tube hop away from the heart of London. The previous two weeks, we've roamed around Kew's Palm House and the other glass houses that are pretty impressive, but … Continue reading Travel Pic Thursday – Kew Gardens Part Three (UK)