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Finn “Cousteau” McSpool: Underwater Explorer

Finn McSpool, Mr Husband, and I have returned from Maui, Hawaii! Of course, with a monster tucked into your luggage (or finding his way out, as is often the case), there's plenty of fun to share. So let's get underway with Finn's adventures from 30,000 fest in the air to a few feet under the … Continue reading Finn “Cousteau” McSpool: Underwater Explorer

Finn McSpool Tries His Paw at Some DIY

With his Venetian vacations, his brush with royalty at the Highland Games and his hobnobbing with giant pickles, you might think Finn McSpool has quite the out-and-about lifestyle. Recently, however, Finn was homebound as we (me, Finn, and Mr. Husband) rolled up our sleeves and tackled a DIY project: renovating the old and ugly bathroom … Continue reading Finn McSpool Tries His Paw at Some DIY

A Hellacious Garden Stroll

Since Finn McSpool is busy with a DIY project that isn't quite ready to show off to the world yet, this week seemed like the perfect time for another garden stroll post. Unfortunately, my garden tour took a side trip into the bowels of hell. Or at least it seemed like a fiery inferno when … Continue reading A Hellacious Garden Stroll

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Bloomin’ and Buzzin’, My Garden Beckons

This is one of those rare weeks when I have no new artwork to show you (although I am working on remedying that) and no new art news to share with you (although hopefully next week I'll have something news-y to post). Since I'm completely art-less, I figured I'd get snap happy in the garden … Continue reading Bloomin’ and Buzzin’, My Garden Beckons