My Five Favorite Sources for Book Bargains

Hello Book Junkies, I know what life's like if you're a hungry little bookworm. You loiter around book shops drooling over the new releases (which is why you've been known to bring a hanky to book shops). You pick up the books, peruse the description, then leap back in shock at the price. Then furtively … Continue reading My Five Favorite Sources for Book Bargains

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Has Finn McSpool Met His Match?

Paperback lovers may have rejoiced on Wednesday when I made my announcement about the complete series of Domna now being available, but there was one book-loving monster who was especially excited at the sight of this massive an uncharacteristically athletic way. There's really no explaining this sporty turn on the blog, best just to … Continue reading Has Finn McSpool Met His Match?

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Paperback Lovers Rejoice!!!

If you've been reading this blog recently and have sat through the recent ebook releases for Domna Part One: The Sun God's Daughter and Part Two: The Solon's Son, you might have been left muttering, "But I'd really prefer a paperback of the whole novel." Or maybe you've been saying, "Gosh, I've really been meaning … Continue reading Paperback Lovers Rejoice!!!

Testing Out Amazon’s KDP Print

Before I get to the nitty gritty of the good, the bad, and the ugly of making a paperback with Amazon's KDP Print program, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all for your heartfelt condolences regarding the passing of my grandma last week. It was great to share a little bit … Continue reading Testing Out Amazon’s KDP Print