Just How Great Is Colored Pencil Paper?

If you're checking your calendars in confusion, don't worry; today is indeed Thursday. Yesterday, I made a journey out to see my summer art venue, which meant no time to visit the Blogosphere. But yesterday was the third Wednesday of the month and, according to my new schedule, it's time for an art supply review! A … Continue reading Just How Great Is Colored Pencil Paper?

A Rose by Any Other Name…

...would smell like baguettes, bacon, or French fries. No, I haven't gotten on the Alternative Facts bandwagon by coming up with some Alternative Shakespeare. Although maybe some of my social media followers have. What in the world am I rambling about? My new piece of colored pencil art, of course. Starting Out by Having Fun After … Continue reading A Rose by Any Other Name…

Buried in Snow? Here’s a Taste of the Tropics.

No, don't double check your calendars; it is indeed Thursday, not Wednesday. The Portland area got hit with a whopper of a snow storm Tuesday night. The snow clung to the branches of a neighbor's fir tree which eventually snapped and took down the power lines about 9:15 yesterday morning and we just got power … Continue reading Buried in Snow? Here’s a Taste of the Tropics.

Take Me to Church!

Although the looming inauguration of the Orange One has me wondering how great this new year will be, Happy (belated) 2017, everyone! With all the political BS and celebrity deaths, the world was bemoaning 2016 as the worst year ever, but for me the year ended on a high note with an acceptance to show … Continue reading Take Me to Church!

Old Skills, New Art

No, this post isn't about recycling, unless you're talking about recycling some old knowledge and putting it to good use. See, many, many, MANY years ago when I started high school I was placed in an introductory art class (hard to avoid with a last name like "Painter"). I then continued with my arty education and by junior … Continue reading Old Skills, New Art