It’s a (Rather Subdued) Release Day

Hello Bloglandia!! I hope you're all doing well, or as well as possible. It's stressful times, but isn't that the perfect excuse to escape into another world with a good book? Oh, and I just happen to have a new one ready for you! Ugh, that was THE lamest sales pitch ever, right? Anyway, this … Continue reading It’s a (Rather Subdued) Release Day

Behind the Book: This is Sparta!

Hello Bloglandia! If you've read any of the books from my historical fantasy series The Osteria Chronicles*, you'll be well familiar with the Areans, those pesky folks from the Aryana polis (city-state). *Quick note...I'm offering a huge discount on the Osteria Chronicles box set...see the end of the post for this amazing deal. As with … Continue reading Behind the Book: This is Sparta!

Valentine’s Day Special: Apollo and Daphne

Hello Bloglandia, It's not my normal day for a Behind the Book post, but since it's Valentine's Day and you might have cupid-themed e-cards appearing in your inbox, I thought it would be the perfect time to explore a pair of mythical lovers inĀ one of the legends that went into the creation of The Battle … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Special: Apollo and Daphne

January’s Writing & Reading Round-Up

Hello Bloglandia! Wait. Where did January go? I can't believe we've (well, nearly) charged through the first month of 2020 already. While I'm not normally a sunshine and rainbows kind of gal, if this month is any indication of the year ahead, I'm in for a pretty good 2020. And yes, my normal cynical-pessimist self … Continue reading January’s Writing & Reading Round-Up