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Paperback Lovers Rejoice!!!

If you've been reading this blog recently and have sat through the recent ebook releases for Domna Part One: The Sun God's Daughter and Part Two: The Solon's Son, you might have been left muttering, "But I'd really prefer a paperback of the whole novel." Or maybe you've been saying, "Gosh, I've really been meaning … Continue reading Paperback Lovers Rejoice!!!

All Hail the Glorious Outline!

This week brought about an excellent opportunity to break out my Happy Dance Shoes and kick up my heels in ecstatic, delirious, over-the-moon-with-elation joy because The Outline is complete. As you may remember, several weeks ago I had to break the sad news that Book Three of my fantasy series will not be published this … Continue reading All Hail the Glorious Outline!

Raiding the Suggestion Box, aka “Thanks Everyone”

As you know, last week I was in a "dilly of a pickle" (as one loyal reader commented) over what to do about this pesky third book in my fantasy fiction series. (If you don't know, just head here to catch yourself up on the latest and not-so greatest from my writing world.) After a … Continue reading Raiding the Suggestion Box, aka “Thanks Everyone”

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Third Draft’s Done…Now What?

I know it's been a while since I've mentioned my writing, but I do still claim "writer" as one of the job categories captured under the big umbrella of my official (and self-appointed) title of Creative Engineer Officer. And to fulfill my writing duties, each day I pull out the old manuscript and chisel away at it. The results … Continue reading Third Draft’s Done…Now What?

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Saturday Selections: Mr. Mercedes (novel)

I know, shame on me, it's been quite sometime since I've shared something that tickled my fancy. That's not to say I've been living in a locked cell with no exposure to the outside world (okay, maybe some days), I've just been too busy to blog (in fact, there's been loads of wonderful films and … Continue reading Saturday Selections: Mr. Mercedes (novel)