Writing My Way Through 2020

Hello Bloglandia!! After delving into my 2019 successes and failures in last week's post "Did I Win 2019?" it's finally time to get out the crystal ball and gaze into what my writing world holds for 2020. Oh, and in case you missed it, be sure to check out "My Top Rated Reads of 2019." But enough … Continue reading Writing My Way Through 2020

Writing Goals: Did I Win 2019?

Happy New Year Bloglandia!! If you're reading this, that's a good sign that you aren't still blind drunk from last night. And that your hangover headache isn't too excruciating. So congrats! Excellent start to 2020, right? As you can see, Finn McSpool may have overindulged last night. Luckily, while he's sleeping it off, I can … Continue reading Writing Goals: Did I Win 2019?

Happy Holidays-mas-kah-za

Hello Bloglandia!! Just a quick note to wish you and yours (in no particular order).... Happy Holidays Superb Solstice Kool Kwanza Carefree Christmas Harmonious Hanukkah Gnarly New Year Wondrous Winter Spectacular Summer (to the southern hemispherians out there) And above all, a joyous, jovial, and jubilant jumble of good cheer!!! (Yes, I've been spending too … Continue reading Happy Holidays-mas-kah-za

Take Me to Church!

Although the looming inauguration of the Orange One has me wondering how great this new year will be, Happy (belated) 2017, everyone! With all the political BS and celebrity deaths, the world was bemoaning 2016 as the worst year ever, but for me the year ended on a high note with an acceptance to show … Continue reading Take Me to Church!