Waxing Nostalgic Over the Series Finale

Hello Bloglandia! So, as I mentioned yesterday, the final installment of my historical fantasy series, The Osteria Chronicles, hit the shelves this week and I can't believe this is really the end! And now I'm going to steal a page from the TV playbook and get a little nostalgic by taking a look back at the … Continue reading Waxing Nostalgic Over the Series Finale

How Does It All End?

Holy Zeus Everyone, It's Release Day for the final book in my historical fantasy series in which I bring the gods, myths, and heroes of Ancient Greece to life as you've never seen them before!!! I'll wax a little nostalgic about finally reaching the end of this series tomorrow, but for now, let's just get … Continue reading How Does It All End?

It’s a (Rather Subdued) Release Day

Hello Bloglandia!! I hope you're all doing well, or as well as possible. It's stressful times, but isn't that the perfect excuse to escape into another world with a good book? Oh, and I just happen to have a new one ready for you! Ugh, that was THE lamest sales pitch ever, right? Anyway, this … Continue reading It’s a (Rather Subdued) Release Day

It’s Release Day for the Big Ol’ Box Set

Hello Bloglandia! I know you've all been sitting around thinking, "Gee, I'd really like to get into that Osteria Chronicles series because I crave the mythological adventure of Clash of the Titans, plus I enjoy the blend of history and fantasy in books by Bernard Cornwell and Madeline Miller, but I hate having to click that Add … Continue reading It’s Release Day for the Big Ol’ Box Set

Release Day Part Two!! The Beasties of Osteria

What? You thought Book Launch Day was a one-off affair? Not when you have Beasties who want to do their part to make Domna a raging success. Just in case you missed the news, yesterday was Release Day for the first part of my serialized historical fantasy novel Domna: The Sun God's Daughter. It was … Continue reading Release Day Part Two!! The Beasties of Osteria