Time for You to Help the Wonky Windmill

Sometimes you get an idea in your head for a project and it turns out super spectacular. Other times, you need to call in the troops for a bit of assistance. The latter is the case with my latest collage whose current name is "Wonky Windmill." I'm hoping my fabulous readers can help de-wonkify this … Continue reading Time for You to Help the Wonky Windmill

Going Dutch with Dura Lar

A couple weeks ago I shared my mad-scientist-esque experiment with Dura Lar, a graphic film brought to you from the fine folks at Grafix Arts. Well, today is finally the day for the grand unveiling of my Dura car artwork and to flaunt the piece's sparkly new listing on my Etsy shop. But first, a … Continue reading Going Dutch with Dura Lar

Library Tour – Off to Amsterdam

Now that I've gotten over some of the giddiness that took over me after stealing my first batch of honey from my bees, it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled program. That means we'll be taking a tour through another of the world's libraries. This time, we're off to Amsterdam. Now, I know … Continue reading Library Tour – Off to Amsterdam