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Finn McSpool: Intrepid Explorer of the Oregon Coast

After all his beach time in Maui, you'd think a monster would want to stay on dry land for a while. But when Mr Husband and I made plans to visit my mom's place at the Oregon Coast, the fearless Finn McSpool was eager for another beach trip. Our destination for the night was Netarts, … Continue reading Finn McSpool: Intrepid Explorer of the Oregon Coast


Cecil the Lion Matters, But….

Cecil the Lion’s murder was tragic and anyone who thinks it’s good ol’ fun to go out and shoot a creature only to put its head or skin on the wall or floor is beyond my comprehension or compassion. Yes, I’m outraged at the wanton destruction of such a magnificent animal, and yes, I do … Continue reading Cecil the Lion Matters, But….

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I Have Bees….Again!

Hello Everyone! As you'll remember, a couple weeks ago I shared with you the sad tale of the disappearance of my colony of honeybees from my backyard top bar hive. Like some frightening tale of colony collapse disorder, one day the girls were there, the next they were gone. The colony was a strong one without … Continue reading I Have Bees….Again!

Sad News From the Hive

And now the sad news I promised you yesterday... As you may know, I am the proud keeper of a hive of bees in my backyard (if you don't know, go ahead and read a few of my bee posts I've linked to below). Well, Sunday was a sad day. Actually, it was a really nice … Continue reading Sad News From the Hive