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Book Binging and Book Bargains

Hey Book Lovers of Bloglandia! Just a quick post to perk up your Sunday and send your book loving heart fluttering with some terrific promotions. First up, you know how you start reading one book in a series and you're hooked by the end of the first installment, but then you have to hunt down … Continue reading Book Binging and Book Bargains

Reading, Reading, and More Reading

Recently, book blogger and avid reader Book Club Mom shared with the world all the books she's read so far this year and I thought, 'Well, now there's a blogging idea I could steal!" (Don't worry, she did ask at the end for her followers to share their reading lists, so I'm not stealing, I'm … Continue reading Reading, Reading, and More Reading

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Saturday Selections: A Beautiful Blue Death (novel)

Hello Everyone! It's too nice out to be in front of the computer, so let's jump right into this week's Saturday Selection: A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch. About the Book A Beautiful Blue Death is a mystery novel set in Victorian London. Charles Lennox, who burns up his spare time as an amateur … Continue reading Saturday Selections: A Beautiful Blue Death (novel)