A Friday Smile – Part 6

Hello Bloglandia! It's that time of the week when I've gone scouting around the neighborhood (because where else am i going to go?) to find something that will make you grin. This week's photos not only should bring a smile to your face, but might also make you feel like you've escaped your home and … Continue reading A Friday Smile – Part 6

A Friday Smile – Part Three

Happy Friday, everyone! It's time for another bit of smile-worthy scenery from my neighborhood. As an update from last week's grin-producing efforts, I still haven't seen another goose family who wants their family photo, but I'm going to keep searching one out. Instead, I've discovered my whole neighborhood has gone overboard with pink blooms. Not … Continue reading A Friday Smile – Part Three

Ledding library, milwaukie, oregon

A Brand New Library to Drool Over

To say I'm a book addict would be like saying Keith Richards has dabbled a few times in drugs and alcohol....a bit of an understatement. And like any addict, supporting my habit might require me to dive into a life of crime if not for one of the best inventions humans have ever come up … Continue reading A Brand New Library to Drool Over