Finn “Cousteau” McSpool: Underwater Explorer

Finn McSpool, Mr Husband, and I have returned from Maui, Hawaii! Of course, with a monster tucked into your luggage (or finding his way out, as is often the case), there's plenty of fun to share. So let's get underway with Finn's adventures from 30,000 fest in the air to a few feet under the … Continue reading Finn “Cousteau” McSpool: Underwater Explorer

Saturday Selections: Wings of Aloha (animal rescue)

Besides the important questions I asked myself when preparing for my recent trip to Maui such as, "How many bathing suits will I need?" and "How many gallons of sunscreen should I take?" I also wondered about making a small difference in an animal's life. That question was easily answered by The Maui Humane Society's program … Continue reading Saturday Selections: Wings of Aloha (animal rescue)