An Anti-Social (Media) Week

So last week I took part in a highly classified research study. The study was funded by some very important group that I believe is run by Elon Musk. Participants were asked to avoid social media for a week and report their results. Those that made it the whole week received a free flamethrower, or … Continue reading An Anti-Social (Media) Week

Monkeying Around with Marketing

Although primate-themed clothing is involved, I promise that this post has NOTHING to do with a now infamous H&M hoodie. Instead, it's all about using chimpanzees not only to help me stay on the right side of the law, but also to hand out free stuff**. Oh, and I should put out a disclaimer that … Continue reading Monkeying Around with Marketing

Time for a Book Marketing Makeover, aka “My Book Sales Suck”

Since today's post is about my books sales, it could very easily take on a rather dismal tone. But since moaning and groaning isn't the point of this week's indie author musings, I promise I'll try to keep it as upbeat as possible without going all Pollyanna on you. Because even though I'm starting from … Continue reading Time for a Book Marketing Makeover, aka “My Book Sales Suck”

Promoting Your Book: Book Trailers

Despite what some folks may believe writing is a lot of work. There's the writing of course which requires research and longs hours of typing or scrawling, there's the revising which is daunting to say the very least and then there's the promoting which sometimes feels as effective as banging your head against a wall. … Continue reading Promoting Your Book: Book Trailers

Promoting Your Book: The Media Kit

Hello Readers! Last week, I started a short series on the extra "goodies" you can use to promote your book. As I said last week and will continue to say, a well-written, well-edited book with a well-designed cover is your primary marketing tool, but a little extra marketing bling can be a big boost to … Continue reading Promoting Your Book: The Media Kit