My Five Favorite Sources for Book Bargains

Hello Book Junkies, I know what life's like if you're a hungry little bookworm. You loiter around book shops drooling over the new releases (which is why you've been known to bring a hanky to book shops). You pick up the books, peruse the description, then leap back in shock at the price. Then furtively … Continue reading My Five Favorite Sources for Book Bargains

Throwing Down the Reading Gauntlet

Reading. It should be a means of escape. A way to unwind after a long day of reality. A way to curl up with a tasty beverage and relax. It's not! It's a means to win things and to beat out the competition!!! Well, in the summer anyway. Summer Reading Programs - Bring it On!! … Continue reading Throwing Down the Reading Gauntlet

Beasties, Books & Burgers…and Super Zapper Ray Guns

This week we're taking a little break from Finn McSpool's tour of his homeland. Well, not really a break, because this post is all about a Beastie workin' hard (sort of) for the money...and for the benefit of library lovers everywhere. Like his human counterpart, David Beastie works at the local library where he toils … Continue reading Beasties, Books & Burgers…and Super Zapper Ray Guns

The Book Ordering Question Answered

I've gotten many questions lately from people asking about the best way to order my books in paperback format because apparently many of you enjoy holding a "real" book as you read (me too!).¬†And let me just start by saying I will never complain about how or where you order my books, I just want … Continue reading The Book Ordering Question Answered