Big Five Publishers Are Being Jerkwads to Libraries

Hello Bloglandia! If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you'll know I LOVE my libraries. I've always got movies, books or audiobooks checked out or on hold; I buy most of my reading material from their annual used book sales (with help from Finn McSpool); I visit libraries while on vacation; … Continue reading Big Five Publishers Are Being Jerkwads to Libraries

My Five Favorite Sources for Book Bargains

Hello Book Junkies, I know what life's like if you're a hungry little bookworm. You loiter around book shops drooling over the new releases (which is why you've been known to bring a hanky to book shops). You pick up the books, peruse the description, then leap back in shock at the price. Then furtively … Continue reading My Five Favorite Sources for Book Bargains

Throwing Down the Reading Gauntlet

Reading. It should be a means of escape. A way to unwind after a long day of reality. A way to curl up with a tasty beverage and relax. It's not! It's a means to win things and to beat out the competition!!! Well, in the summer anyway. Summer Reading Programs - Bring it On!! … Continue reading Throwing Down the Reading Gauntlet

Hands Off the Librarian!

Some people may say Twitter is a waste of time, but yet again a Tweet has inspired one of my blog posts. This time it's not a war on adverbs, but a fight to save our libraries. Last week someone tweeted a story about a library in China that was closing down due to the … Continue reading Hands Off the Librarian!