A Rose by Any Other Name…

…would smell like baguettes, bacon, or French fries.

No, I haven’t gotten on the Alternative Facts bandwagon by coming up with some Alternative Shakespeare. Although maybe some of my social media followers have. What in the world am I rambling about? My new piece of colored pencil art, of course.

Starting Out by Having Fun

After checking off Day One on the journey of my latest bit of work, I took a photo and posted it on Facebook and Twitter asking people to guess what it might be.



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Dragons, Beasts, and Book Bargains

For those of you keeping up with the Bloggity Makeover, you’ll have noticed on your calendars that it’s the first Saturday of the month and time for an update on how the book is coming along. To sum it up: Not too shabbily.

Here Be Dragons

You may recall that after having plowed my way through the draft of Book Three of my fantasy series, I was on such a drafting high I decided to continue on with a draft of Book Four. Since the books are closely linked and a few plot points could go into either book, I wanted to have both of them written out so I would be able to drop a sorting hat onto each chapter to figure out where exactly they belong. (Sorry, this sorting hat only selects for Book 3 or Book 4, no Griffindor or Hufflepuff options.) Continue reading

orvieto, italy, italia, orvieto duomo

My, What a Big Duomo You Have -Orvieto, Italy

I’m about at the end of our relaxing time in Orvieto, but no stop to this hilltop Italian town would be complete without a trip to its Duomo.

The official name of this impressive building is Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, so you’ll understand if I just stick to “Duomo.” From the side, with its black and white stripes, the Duomo sort of looks like the costume designers for Beetlejuice got a hold of it. But once you walk around to the front, you can’t help but have a Wow! moment – especially if you see it for the first time at night when it is nicely lit.

orvieto, italy, italia, orvieto duomo

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetleju—

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orvieto, italy, italia

Orvieto, Italy: Up, Down, and All Around

After last week’s side trip to the Oregon Zoo, it’s time to get back on track with The Vacation. After our arrival in Orvieto and finally getting some much needed sleep (and cheap wine) it was time to explore up, down, and all around this hilltop town.

This post is a bit long and quite photo-heavy, so it may take a little longer to load if you’re reading this via email.

Going Up

The “up” portion of our explorations was to Moro’s Tower, or Torre del Moro if you want to toss around a little Italian lingo. This 47-meter (155-foot) tall bell/clock tower is hard to miss and is a good place to head if you get lost since it serves at the center point for Orvieto’s north, south, east, and west divisions. Continue reading

Welcome to Orvieto!

Before we jump into the next part of The Vacation tale, let me take a moment to do a little self-promoting and to offer my readers an excellent bargain.

For today only (26 November 2016) Fine Art America is offering free shipping to ANY destination in the world (even Antarctica!) on ANY product. Yes, even on products from my own shop/gallery such as prints, greeting cards, and even a few household goodies. So, if you were hoping to cuddle up to a throw pillow featuring handsome Mr. Borris, now is a great time to get one. There’s no coupon code required.

Alright, onto Orvieto.

As you remember, Mr Husband and I had to ditch our noisy apartment in Florence because I desperately needed sleep – I think at this point, we’re talking maybe 12 hours of shut-eye in the past five days. Thankfully, pleading with Danielle, our rental owner in Orvieto, worked and we were able to check in a day early. So, with a hearty “Arrivederci!” we hopped on the train and waved goodbye to Tuscany and headed south to Umbria.

Orvieto, Italy, Italia, Umbria

Ciao, Orvieto!!

Mr. Husband and I had been to Orvieto during our whirlwind tour of Italy in 2006, but two days just wasn’t enough to enjoy this charming little hilltop town, so we decided to devote four nights to it this time (which ended up being five nights after our Florentine exodus). Continue reading