collage, mulberry paper

Getting Scrappy With My Art

Hello Everyone! A few weeks ago I attended an Art Trade Show hosted by the Clackamas County Arts Alliance. Even though none of the displays grabbed my eye, I couldn't escape the siren's call to wander through their little shop of art supplies. I managed to resist many tempting treats, but somehow a pack of … Continue reading Getting Scrappy With My Art

The Truth of Why I Write

I was vacillating between whether this week's post should be about formatting print books or time management, when I got tired of trying to decide and checked my Twitter feed instead. Thankfully, this ended up not being a waste of time because author Ninie Hammon had a link to her terrific post about why she … Continue reading The Truth of Why I Write

Falling Out of Love (with your novel)

Writing a book - fiction or non - takes dedication, commitment, time, and plenty of hard work. In essence, it's a relationship and like any relationship, the love you bear for your book can flounder. Early Days After wooing an idea into our heads and courting an outline, it's time for the heart-pounding excitement and … Continue reading Falling Out of Love (with your novel)