November’s Featured Story: Dragon Trouble

It's a new month and that means it's time for a new story! November's short story features dragons, cheeky humor, and...asparagus. I wrote this one some time last year, but have recently given a little revision polish, so without further ado, guard your damsels in distress because we've got.... Dragon Trouble A geneticist binge-watched too … Continue reading November’s Featured Story: Dragon Trouble

Happy Halloween from Finn McGhoul

Happy Halloween Bloglandia!! Finn McSpool has made it back from France just in time for Halloween (or as he calls it, "Candy Day"). In honor of the sugar-laden holiday he's taken on the new, spooky moniker of Finn McGhoul....but maybe he's the one who should be scared since it looks like that jack o'lantern has … Continue reading Happy Halloween from Finn McGhoul

Finn McSpool is Packing His Bags

Hello Bloglandia! I know it's been a while since we've heard from the wee Irish monster, but Finn McSpool is alive and well (meaning, his stuffing hasn't fallen out...often a fatal illness for Beasties). He's so healthy, in fact, that this morning I caught him packing his backpack...even if he still can't quite figure out … Continue reading Finn McSpool is Packing His Bags

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Hankering for Haggis at the Portland Highland Games

After all the book sales, reading competitions, and hunting for book bargains lately, Finn McSpool decided it was time to take a break from all that smarty pants literary stuff and head out for a round of bagpiping-haggis-muching-caber-tossing fun. Luckily, the Portland Highland GamesĀ fit the bill to a T and they just happened to be … Continue reading Hankering for Haggis at the Portland Highland Games