A Couple of Pieces That Are the Bees’ Knees

Since spring refuses to get sprung here in Portland, I've had to resort to creating my own springtime with my two latest bits of artwork that are chock full of big blooms and buzzing bees. If I could only get them to have the scent of freshly mown grass, I could almost fool myself that spring really … Continue reading A Couple of Pieces That Are the Bees’ Knees

A Little Beekeeping Rant

This week, I just couldn't take it anymore. I left yet another Facebook beekeeping group because I could no longer take people's complete idiocy (my Idiocracy tolerance is quite low). I tried to tolerate it mainly because i enjoy seeing pictures of people's hives and bees, but the stupidity just got too high....especially the questions … Continue reading A Little Beekeeping Rant

To Bee or Not To Bee

LOVING & HATING BEES The week started out with a quick hive inspection since we finally got some decent weather. I'd been so proud of my little bees and thought they must be the smartest bees ever. I'd read all these horror stories about bees making helter-skelter comb in all sorts of wrong directions leading … Continue reading To Bee or Not To Bee

How Are the Bees?

In a word, non-existent. It's winter after all. Duh. I've been debating over how to obtain my bees. The options are to purchase bees, contact a swarm catcher or try to lure my own swarm. I'm a bit concerned about shipping bees up from California just to fill my hive. This doesn't sound like a … Continue reading How Are the Bees?

Did You Say “Bees?”

I did! I love honey. LOVE honey. But I also hate that the use of poisons and practice of monoculture is killing our little honeybees. After watching Silence of the Bees, a show on the plight of the honeybee, I was keen to do what I could for the little ladies who make my honey. … Continue reading Did You Say “Bees?”