Finn McSpool Enters The Land of Wine & Honey

As my loyal followers might remember, last year I delved into the wonderful world of winemaking, and that a few months ago I bravely bottled my boozey concoctions. Well, I recently hit the earliest aging time for fruit wine. Sure, sure, longer aging would lead to a smoother wine, but after having those bottles taunting … Continue reading Finn McSpool Enters The Land of Wine & Honey

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Well, Hello Ladies! AKA “Saying Hi to My Bees”

When people ask me how many pets I have, my response is a quick "Four cats and two guinea pigs." After getting theĀ Are-You-A-Crazy-Cat-Lady look, the conversation continues on to either cute things the cats do (if talking to a fellow cat lover) or on to other topics (if talking to a normal person). But in … Continue reading Well, Hello Ladies! AKA “Saying Hi to My Bees”

A Little Beekeeping Rant

This week, I just couldn't take it anymore. I left yet another Facebook beekeeping group because I could no longer take people's complete idiocy (my Idiocracy tolerance is quite low). I tried to tolerate it mainly because i enjoy seeing pictures of people's hives and bees, but the stupidity just got too high....especially the questions … Continue reading A Little Beekeeping Rant

Freezing Bees!

Yes, Fridays are normally time for me to ramble on about some aspect of writing, but this week I have bees on my mind. Also, I haven't posted about my bees since the spring robbing fiasco so I'm well overdue for a bee post. Winter Isn't Coming, Mr. Stark. It's Here! This week the Portland … Continue reading Freezing Bees!

Saturday Selections: Show Me the Honey!

Okay, I'm cheating a bit with this Saturday Selection by squeezing in an update on my bees. But really, nothing's grabbed my fancy this week except for the huge pot of honey I've extracted from my own beehive. Yum! A Little Background As you may remember, my bees were behaving very badly before I left … Continue reading Saturday Selections: Show Me the Honey!