Have a Monstrous Thanksgiving!!

Just a quick note from Finn McSpool (I told you he'd be back) and Tammie & David Beastie to say... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! And, of course, a very happy fourth Thursday in November to all my readers outside of the U.S....nothing more exciting than a Thursday, am I right? Oh, and if this photo shoot looks … Continue reading Have a Monstrous Thanksgiving!!

Evil Strikes Again in Ireland

Yes, after our brief hiatus to celebrate the spookier side of things and to have a local getaway, Finn is FINALLY continuing on with his last few days of his tour to the land of his birth. Now, in our earlier Ireland adventures, you learned that Evil had thrown a couple wrenches into our time … Continue reading Evil Strikes Again in Ireland

And So It Begins, aka The Scariest Time of the Year

I hope all my readers from the U.S had a belly-swelling Thanksgiving and that everyone else had a sane Thursday that didn't involve putting up with any drunk relatives, kitchen disasters or hearing Grandpa Joe's stories over and over and over again. I'm taking a break from writing about writing today to share one of … Continue reading And So It Begins, aka The Scariest Time of the Year