Happy Holidays-mas-kah-za

Hello Bloglandia!! Just a quick note to wish you and yours (in no particular order).... Happy Holidays Superb Solstice Kool Kwanza Carefree Christmas Harmonious Hanukkah Gnarly New Year Wondrous Winter Spectacular Summer (to the southern hemispherians out there) And above all, a joyous, jovial, and jubilant jumble of good cheer!!! (Yes, I've been spending too … Continue reading Happy Holidays-mas-kah-za

Finn McSpool Wishes You a Nutty Christmas

Finn McSpool gathered some friends together to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, or maybe it's more appropriate to offer up a Nutty Christmas given his friends' primary occupations.... But wait, what's that lurking just out of shot to the right? Another nutcrackery buddy? Finn! That was supposed to be for Christmas Day!!! I should … Continue reading Finn McSpool Wishes You a Nutty Christmas

Giving Rather Than Consuming

After spending the past week persuading you to shop your hearts out at my Bookstore & Gallery, I now need to cleanse my capitalist soul by reminding you that there are other ways to celebrate the holidays that don't involve adding to your loved ones' collection of "stuff." Sure, there are useful gifts that we need and … Continue reading Giving Rather Than Consuming

My Cynical Thanksgiving-Eve Greeting

In the U.S. we're about to celebrate what used to traditionally be harvest time by gathering around a previously frozen turkey that spent its short life jacked up on hormones, antibiotics, and corn (probably in that order), then filling ourselves to bursting with mounds of food drowned under a liter of gravy*. Don't get me … Continue reading My Cynical Thanksgiving-Eve Greeting